Patent Seminars


What you don't know about patents CAN hurt you!


These seminars are intended for small to medium-sized technology-related businesses, typically without inside Patent Counsel.  They are intended to familiarize management and engineers with the fundamentals of patents, the need for a patent strategy, and how to choose that strategy. 

Do you want to patent your inventions for licensing, to enhance the value of the company, or just for defense?  How do you get the most useful patents, and where should you file and maintain your patents?


Or, do you just want to understand patents better, and to minimize the risk of patent infringement by your company's  products?


Peter Symes has worked with patent portfolios and attorneys for many years, but is not an attorney, nor a patent agent, and does not offer legal advice.  One topic of the seminars addresses the need for legal advice; how to choose a patent attorney or agent, and how to maximize the value of professional advice and representation.


Seminars can be customized to suit the needs of the client.  A typical seminar would include a session for senior management to discuss strategic directions.  A second session would be targeted at engineers and technologists and their management.  This would focus on issues of patentability, and the skills needed to work effectively with a patent attorney or agent.